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How does Starcrest Delivery work?

1. Contact us to determine what day we service your neighborhood.
2. Track your order, select preferences and collect rewards through your online portal.
3. We'll deliver back all regular dry cleaning and laundry the same day!

Simple as that! As always, feel free to text or call us with any questions.

Is there an up charge for delivery service?

No. Our published price list is what you pay. There is a $25 minimum order. If orders fail to meet the minimum, a $7.95 convenience fee is applied.

When will my clothes be ready for delivery?

Regular dry clean and laundry items picked up from your home before 10 am will be ready the same day.

Do I need a special kind of bag?

No. Our drivers have transfer bags with them, if needed, but we will gladly accept items in whatever bag you have. Additionally, you will receive a complimentary dry clean and/or wash and fold bag after your first order!

Do I need to be home?

It is not required for you to be home. You can include special instructions through your online portal and we will accommodate them the best we can. EXAMPLE: Bag will be on porch.

However, if you have an on-demand pick up or delivery and no special instructions are included and no bag is on the porch, the driver will knock and/or ring door.

Do I need to tip the driver?

Tipping is not required or expected.

I don't like technology. Can I just call?

Not a problem! Call our store and we can service you via the phone. All we'll need is your name, address, cell phone #, email and a credit card. We can take it from there!

What locations do you service?

Our pickup and delivery areas vary based on customer demand. However, if you live within 3 miles of our store, we most certainly are service your home.

Please call or text if you have any questions.

Where do my clothes go?

There are no 3rd party drivers or cleaners involved with Starcrest Delivery. All clothes are picked up and delivered by our drivers and cleaned at our local, state-of-the-art Starcrest Cleaners facilities!

What kind of machinery and detergents are used?

Starcrest Cleaners is not like the rest. We invest in top of the line equipment and use ONLY the BEST detergents! Our state-of-the art equipment and professionally trained production staff ensures our customers that they are getting the quality they expect. Our dry cleaning machines use a triple filter/distillation process to ensure our solvent is crystal clear. Our high powered commercial grade washing machines use only the highest standard detergents on the market. These detergents are enhanced with optical brighteners to keep your whites white and your colors bright! We have stainless steel plated and soft steam pressing equipment so your clothes have the finish you want every time!

Are you environmentally friendly?

All of our production plants are designed with Mother Earth in mind! Our facilities are equipped with steam reclamation, water chilling towers, hot water holding tanks, high efficiency LED lighting AND 100% self-contained, environmentally safe dry cleaning machines. This allows us to operate our plants while minimizing any impact on our environment.

Will you take my old wire hangers and plastics bags?

Absolutely! We are here to make your life easier. Conserve, Recycle, Reuse!

Pickup / Delivery Areas